IPG in the News

Article     Date
High Power Lasers: Fiber Lasers Drill for Oil, ILS December 2012
Laser Cutting Helps Company Survive the Recession, ILS November 2012
September 2012

IPG Ranked #9 Fortune's Fastest-Growing Companies 2012

September 2012

Laser Marking with Fiber Lasers, ILS

September/ October 2012
Robotics Cut New Path in Hot Metal Stamping, Manufacturing Engineering June 2012
Hybrid Process Welds, Thick-walled Tubes, Welding Journal June 2012
YLR-5-1070-LP used in Laser Tweezer Application, PLoS ONE June 7, 2012
IPG Photonics #2 in Boston Globe 100, Boston Globe May 20, 2012
Fiber Laser Technology Broadens Out, Mid-Infrared Laser Wavelengths Open up New Processes, ILS May 2012
Fiber Laser Process Targets Medical Plastics Welding, Plastics Today May 2012
Seeing the Light for Welding, FabShop Magazine
March 2012
Drilling with Fiber Lasers, Industrial Laser Solutions January/February 2012
Smart Additives Enhance Laser Marking, Industrial Laser Solutions January/February 2012
High Hopes for Hiring 175 More
January 5, 2012

Lieutenant Governor Murray Announces $3.9 million to Support Infrastructure and Job Creation in Oxford

January 5, 2012
Super Lasers to Speed Up Nuclear Decommissioning, NuclearCONNECT
January 2012
Fiber Laser Technology Grows More Diverse, Laser Focus World
December 2011
IPG Photonics Ranked #6 Small Company in America, Forbes Magazine October 2011
Fibre Laser Replaces Two CO2 Lasers at KMD, Engineering Subcontractor
October 2011
Preventing Wear and Tear, Laser Systems Europe Autumn 2011
Driving Vehicle Production, Laser Systems Europe Autumn 2011
Fiber-bulk Hybrid Mid-IR laser is Broadly Tunable over 1000 nm, Laser Focus World
July 2011
Valentin Gapontsev, IPG's Chairman and CEO, Awarded Prestigious 2010 Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technology June 9, 2011
QCW Fiber Laser Prism Award for Photonics Innovation Video, Photonics.com
June 2011
Murray Touts Innovation Economy during Visit to IPG, Worcester Telegram & Gazette
May 27, 2011
Cut It Out, Electro Optics May 2011
Focus on the Future, FFJournal.net May 2011
GE Speeds Steel Welding with Hybrid Laser Tool, GE
April 14, 2011
QCW Fiber Laser Interview at Photonics West, OptoIQ February 2011
IPG Photonics receives Prestigious 2010 Prism Award in Industrial Lasers Category for QCW Fiber Laser January 26, 2011
Laser Companies Look to Rocket Out of the Recession, Photonics Spectra January 2011
Laser Welding Advances, Manufacturing Engineering Magazine October 2010
Laser Applications in Nuclear Decommissioning, OptoIQ
September 18, 2010
Low-maintenance Laser Cutting, Modern Metals Magazine August 2010
Analyzing the Potential of the Solid-State Laser, Fiber Laser Technology Begins to Penetrate the Market, thefabricator.com July 2010
Fiber Fix: Faster Cutting Speeds and Higher Energy Efficiencies are Making Fiber Laser Cutting the System of Choice for Thin Sheet Metal, Canadian Metalworking May 28, 2010
The Fibre Provider, Electro Optics April/ May 2010
Fiber Laser Spot Welding, Industrial Laser Solutions March 3, 2010
Developments in Fiber Laser Technology, Industrial Laser Solutions March 1, 2010
Solid Defence, Electro Optics February/ March 2010
Dark Marking Medical Devices, Medical Design Magazine November 2009
Wavelength Benefits - New Salvagnini Fiber Laser System Increases Cutting Speeds and Lowers Maintenance October 2009
Hybrid Welding with 8 kW IPG Fiber Laser October 2009
IPG Photonics Single-mode Fiber Laser Technology Integrated into PSU's LENS MR-7 System by Optomec October 14, 2009
IPG Visited by Landrat of the District Siegen- Wittgenstein August 2009
Everyday Technology- Fiber lasers aren’t just for specialists anymore, thanks to low maintenance requirements and high ease of use, Modern Metals February 2009
Industrial Applications: The All-Around Performer, Nature Photonics January 2008 
Two Dimensional Cutting System Premiers, Industrial Laser Solutions September 6, 2007
Independent Thinker: Valentin Gapontsev, SPIE Professional July 2007
Lasers Aid Fuel Cell Development, Automotive Field Guide January 2007
IPG Shines as It Builds a Better Laser, Boston Globe May 1, 2006
Say No to Outsourcing, Inc. Magazine April 2006
Kilowatt Fibre Lasers Drive IPG Sales Boom, Optics & Laser Europe February 2006
High-power fiber lasers gain market share, Industrial Laser Solutions February 2006
IPG Photonics Turned Fiber Bust into Laser Boom, Photonics.com January 6, 2006
Oxford Firm Carves Space in High-end Fiber Laser Market, Mass High Tech November 7, 2005
Laser Cutting and Welding with One Laser Tool, The Fabricator October 11, 2005
On the Beam, Worcester Telegram & Gazette September 30, 2005
Fiber Lasers Find Opportunities in Medical Applications, Laser Focus World September 2005
Processing Rock, Industrial Laser Solutions September 2005
Photonics Frontiers: High Power Fiber Lasers, Laser Focus World August 2005
What’s Next? Laser Technology, NASA Tech Briefs May 2005