IPG Photonics Product / Application Press Releases    

Press Release Date
    IPG Photonics Expands Integrated Laser Systems Offerings with Acquisition of JPSA Laser September 4, 2012
    IPG Photonics Supports Western Asia Growth with New Turkish Operations August 9, 2012
   High Power Fiber 500 W Laser Source with Adapted Wavelength for Polymer Welding Developed in the Frame of the European Project POLYBRIGHT March 26, 2012
   IPG Photonics Announces Enhancements to Optical Amplification Portfolio for Long-Haul Transmission March 1, 2012
   IPG Photonics Welcomes Kevin Arnold as Regional Sales Manager, Midwest February 27, 2012
    IPG Photonics Welcomes Chris Pilcher as Canadian Sales Manager,
Industrial High Power Lasers
January 18, 2011
    IPG Photonics Strengthens Commitment to Growing Asian Market
January 18, 2011
    IPG Photonics Welcomes Shawn Murphy as Southeastern Regional Sales Manager November 19, 2010
    Lincoln Electric and IPG Photonics Corporation Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement November 2, 2010
    IPG Photonics Extends Laser Welding Solutions with the Acquisition of Cosytronic April 20, 2010
    IPG Photonics Corporation Enters Emerging Middle-Infrared Laser Space with Acquisition of Photonics Innovations, Inc. January 26, 2010
    IPG Photonics Announces 5th International Symposium on High-Power Fiber Lasers and Their Applications December 15, 2009
    IPG Photonics' New Line of Fiber Lasers with High Pulse Energy to Replace Flash Lamp-Pumped YAG December 10, 2009
    Laser Institute of America's President's Award Presented to Bill Shiner December 1, 2009
    Arthur L. Schawlow Award Presented to Valentin Gapontsev November 5, 2009
    IPG Photonics Introduces New Retrofit Services September 1, 2009
    IPG Photonics Announces New Breakthrough In High Brightness Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers July 28, 2009
    IPG Photonics' Broadband Amplifiers Achieve RUS Acceptance July 21, 2009
    Government Programs Provide Funds to Purchase IPG Photonics Fiber Lasers June 24, 2009
    IPG Photonics Successfully Tests World's First 10 Kilowatt Single-Mode Production Laser June 15, 2009
    IPG Photonics Announces First Ten Kilowatt Fiber Laser Delivered in Canada June 4, 2009
    IPG Photonics Announces a New Line of Fiber Lasers for Cladding, Brazing & Annealing March 26, 2009
    IPG Photonics Announces Unique EDFA that Simplifies Two-Way RF Broadband Deployment over Fiber Networks March 19, 2009
    IPG Photonics Announces Delivery of Five Kilowatt Single-Mode Fiber Laser to First U.S. Customer March 10, 2009
    IPG Photonics Announces New Laser Micro Processing Applications Center in Silicon Valley Feb. 25, 2009